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Religious Deed of Shiva Gaggiano

Many villagers in the area of Calcutta, India, celebrated on April 13 religious festival of Shiva Gaggiano.

447 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан
1150 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 1. Indian Christians pray to Lord Shiva during the annual Festival of religious Shiva Gaggiano. (Reuters Pictures) (Reuters Pictures)
 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 2.  Hundreds of the faithful offer gifts and worship Shiva, hoping to get the location of God and the fulfillment of desires. (Reuters Pictures) (Reuters Pictures)
Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 3. Indus hanging over the fire during the ritual Shiva Gaggiano village Bajnai, 80 km south of Calcutta, April 14. (Getty Images)
447 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 4. Hindus believe that through the pain of Shiva - the god of destruction - will hear their prayers. (Getty Images) 
538 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 5. Hindu natachivaet the tip of a metal rod, which he is going to pierce his tongue at the festival Shiva Gaggiano. (Getty Images) 
636 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 6. Thousands of people took part in a festival of worship to God Shiva, which lasts a month. (Getty Images) 
735 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 7. Shiva - the Hindu personification of the devastating early universe and the transformation, one of the deities of the supreme triad.  Embodies both destructive and constructive start. It is one of the oldest of the divine essence of humanity. (Getty Images)
Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 8. During a religious ritual on the streets of the village go through the process, which sweep exhumed human remains. (Getty Images) 
Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 9. Local fans of Lord Shiva thus blessed Shiva, who in Tantrism sometimes appears as a corpse (Shawa). (AP Photo) 
 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 10.Actually, for the Indians to bury the dead - a fairly rare phenomenon, mostly all cremated except infants. Burial of the dead are found only in certain communities. (AP Photo) 
 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 11.The boy is running on hot coals during a religious ritual Shiva Gaggiano in the village of Pratapgarh, 30 km from Agartaly, India. (AP Photo)
 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 12. Hindu priest pierces the language of the believer during the ritual worship of Shiva. (Getty Images) 
1338 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 13. Indian Christians pray to Lord Shiva. (Reuters Pictures) 
 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 14. Spectators watch as Indian Christians (foreground) danced with iron rods pierced tongues. (Getty Images) 
 Ритуал Шивы Гаджан 15. The believer holds a trident, while praying to Lord Shiva, the annual festival of Shiva in the village Gaggiano Panhal. (Reuters Pictures)
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