Sunday, December 25, 2011

Woman with two Husband! Weird or interesting ?

34-year-old American sexologist Ma Jieya (Jaiya Ma) and two of her boyfriend - 49-year-old John • Ha Nuoer (Jon Hanauer), 45-year-old Ian • Ferguson (Ian Ferguson), and her children with Ian - 2 half years old Eamon (Eamon) live together in California Tuopan Jia (Topanga) beautiful home. Three similar "polyandry" family, after media reports raised in the discussion.
Ma Jieya (Jaiya Ma) and her 49-year-old boyfriend, John • Ha Nuoer (Jon Hanauer) lived together for six years. Ya Jie and John met in 2000, when they have participated in a Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati) tantric yoga classes. In March 2001, a coach training sessions, they are in love. Pictured Majie Ya and her boyfriend John photo.
Ya Jie explains, "John was lying on the floor, pretending to be training students, and then he held out his hand, held me in his top, and we both suddenly had the feeling this is natural, as if into each other as we. ". When the two began living together, the clean and elegant has been engaged to a man named Tony, Tony eventually broke up so ya do with cleaning. Pictured Majie Ya and her boyfriend John photo.
In 2006, two men living together in 6 years later, John Ma Jieya urged to find a new lover. Not a few weeks, clean and elegant on the 44-year-old furniture designer • Ian Ferguson (Ian Ferguson) fell in love. They met on a dance course. • The photo shows Ma Jieya and her boyfriend Ian Ferguson.
A year later, Ma Jieya pregnant with Ian Ferguson • children. John not only did not oppose, but support Ian received a clean elegant to live in his house. So Ian funded, clean Tuopan Jia Ya and John moved to the one in the new house. Three adults have participated in the climax of the domestic production and training courses. The picture shows Ian pregnant with their child's caressing clean elegant.
Soon, Jie Ya birth Eamon (Eamon). She said, "This is an unforgettable experience. Eamon was born, Ian is holding me, and John and Doula stood next to the pool when he was born, John cut the umbilical cord, and we three cried. "The picture shows a hospital water birth pool, accompanied by clean elegant production Ian, watching silently next to John.
The photo shows the clean elegant when Eamon was born and Ian.
Child's birth will be clean Ya, the relationship between John and Ian pulled closer, they decided to live together as a family. The picture shows a family of four.
When Jie Ya decided to return to work, John volunteered to act as wet nurse, home care of the baby. The picture shows the clean elegant and John.
Three admitted that if Eamon started school, the problem came. However, Ya Jie added, "Today, there are many modern families, or their stepfather or stepmother, or have two fathers or two mothers, which may not seem so difficult. Eamon without a teacher pass, called the father Ian is sometimes called John as his 'father John' or 'my nanny'. "
The United States "Detail" magazine in November introduced three relations, the rise of the mass of "polyandry" discussion, pursuit of the three has become the object of the media. The picture shows the three U.S. television talk show guest.
They accept the well-known host Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper) interview asked: "how the intimate relationship? Is sleeping in a big bed?" Clean elegant answer, like the three V-shaped, John and Iraq Well do not intersect, they must allocate time to spend with their own, even intimate time they have to plan. John said: "When they close, I usually walk to the outside." The picture shows the three together.
Currently, Ian is already two and a half, and four still get along very well. Ya Jie said: "I am very fortunate to have two loves me and my children of men; around three seems to be better parents, and everyone is discussing how Eamon advantage." She also added, "I am are looking for new surprises, so I might come to a new partner will be, but I will always maintain a relationship with John and Ian, although this is a bit troublesome. "

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